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Sharlene Lamont was born and raised in Harlem, New York. She came from a large family as she is one of seven children.  At a very early age, Sharlene and her other siblings were always surrounded by a house filled with music and a good number of instruments that her parents had in the home for them to play with. On many evenings Sharlene along with her brothers and sisters would rehearse tunes, dress up and be prepared to put on a “show” for their father when he came home from work. 


She always had a LOVE for music—all types of music. It was only natural that some of them would be involved at some point in their lives in the entertainment endustry as they followed in the footsteps of their father William “Joseph” Lamont—one of the original members of the famed DOO-WOPP group in the 1950’s, Billy Ward & The Dominoes. The group was at first called the Ques, composed of Clyde McPhatter (Lead Tenor), Joe Lamont (Lead Baritone), and others. They had hits, "Do Something for Me", “Stardust”, “Sixty Minute Man”, “Have Mercy Baby” just to name a few. Clyde McPhatter later left the group to form his own group, The Drifters. Other group members also included Jackie Wilson who also went on to have a very successful solo career.


Some of her other siblings have also been touched by the entertainment bug as well. Her younger brothers Sulaiman Lamont and Suhail Lamont wrote and recorded music in the 1980’s & 1990’s. Her older brother Yusuf Lamont was a writer and actor for a comedy television program called the Apollo Comedy Hour that aired weekly from 1992 – 1995. Yusuf is also a successful graphic artist who worked for TOPPS & Scholastic..and the list of talents goes on.


It was only a very natural but unexpected path that would lead Sharlene to become a member of The Hipshot Band. Upon moving to Boston, MA in the early 1990’s, she joined a church and immediately became a very active member of the choir (and still is to this day!) Little did she know just how far and where her love of all types of music would lead her. Her deep LOVE of Gospel music has molded her to be able to reach people in song.


She joined The Hipshot Band in 2013 as a back-up singer. In 2014 she assumed a lead vocalist role in the band. Daily….she continues to grow and become more creative musically. Sharlene has worked with some of New England’s finest and well-respected musicians in the industry on different types of projects. In 2017 she was asked perform at, and accept an award on behalf of her father, Joe Lamont and the work he did when performing with Billy Ward & The Dominoes as they were inducted into the DOO WOPP Hall of Fame. She is now part of the children of DOO WOPP Legends that also include the children on Jackie Wilson, Ruth Brown, Clyde McPhatter, Norman Wright, Tony Funches, David Ruffin, Ritchie Valens just to name a few. She has also had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of them.


Sharlene has a very outgoing personality and somehow always finds herself making people laugh, feel good, and making them feel like old friends. This is conveyed both on and off the stage. Her style of singing ranges from being soulfully sweet then it can turn and get you all fired up and out of your seat!


Fans have given her names such as “FOXXY BROWN”, SHA-KILLAH and “SHA-SHA SOUL just to name a few…it all depends on what is happening in the song.


She is always singing something, somewhere..LIFE IS A SONG. One of her favorite excerpts from a song that she sings almost daily is:


You are the words and the music

You are the song that I sing

You are the melody

You are the harmony

Praise to Your Name I’ll bring.


You are my Mighty God

You are the Lord of Lords

You are the King of all kings.

Now I return to You

The love You gave to me

You are the song that I sing.


Sharlene loves to perform both on and off stage by touching the lives of people through the gift of song. Her goal is to write a couple of original pieces and master the piano and guitar.

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Sharlene Ferry Jimmy GF 2015
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